Right. Time to reverse roles. Who are you?

You arrived at the most important page of our website: the contact page. It is about time to get acquainted. You are very welcome to come around or have a skype call with us. Should you be in the neighborhood on a Friday afternoon, please join us for a drink.

Use the form below to make an appointment!

Visitors can park their park next to and behind the Tabakhuis. That is to say: if you can find it. Because to get there, you should drive into the Nieuwstraat from the Torenstraat, near the bakery at the corner. Slightly illegal as it is officially not allowed to access the street from that side. When you secretly do it anyway (as we do as well), you will find the Tabakhuis after 30 meters on the left-hand side.

Contact information
Nieuwstraat 9
3861 AJ Nijkerk

+31 (0)88 0899 700

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