Hi! We are Draad:
Noble Dutchmen
creating awesome

So, Draad: a web agency located in the center of The Netherlands. We devise, design and develop websites with a spark: projects that have something special, a feature that raises eyebrows.  With love, dedication and the regular beer we work on websites and online projects that stand out.

Generation Y

We have deep roots with the internet. As twentysomethings we’re not only Generation Y, we actually work every day on projects that make the internet a better place. We strongly believe that every organisation should utilize the internet to the max in their own unique way. And we’d like to help with that, because we think we know how things work around the web.

Draad is de netwerkgeneratie
Dit is wat Draad doet

What we do

We devise, design and develop websites. We don’t do standard themes, every design is tailor made by our designers to guarantee a unique and most of all awesome website. This gives us ultimate freedom to devise and design what we want and how we want it to impress you. In the end all we want to do is work on awesome projects that make a difference.

How we work

We don’t do monthly plans, service contracts or other nonsense other agencies created to make money. Our approach is best compared with buying a car: buy the car and pay for it. After a few months it’s time for some small service updates and after a year it’s time for some serious maintenance. We will tell you what we’re going to do and what the costs will be before we start. We go with the Dalai Lama: “A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.”

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We work with WordPress as CMS. But because WordPress also has some less-than-ideal aspects, we have developed the DraadCore™: a piece of customized PHP that improves a number of functionalities included in WordPress, such as creating custom posts and related fields. This results in the need for fewer plugins and a faster and sturdier website. The websites we make are provided with a convenient and very good Page Builder. Think of it as a large box of bricks with drag-and-drop elements that you can place wherever you want. This makes every website completely modular and ready for future expansions.

DraadCore - Het krachtige CMS van Draad gebaseerd op Wordpress

We’re a team

Draad is a team. We run projects in small teams to reduce development time and bugs. We work hard and drink beer. We’re perfectionists, but don’t like slow projects. We’re enthusiasts and make noise. We don’t have rates that are sky high, but we’re not cheap either. But most of all we’re honest. We’re happy to meet you!

Het team van Draad