We build websites using the DraadCore: our unique, pimped version of WordPress. We have made the most popular CMS in the world even better by adding some unique custom features. Extremely flexible, easy to extend and most of all super user friendly.

Draad (love) wordpress

We are huge fans of the world’s most popular CMS. But in all honesty, you can always do better. That’s why we created the DraadCore: our own, unique boosted-extended-expanded version of WordPress. In the DraadCore, we have made the best of WordPress even better by adding a number of unique custom features. This results in an installation with fewer plugins and a more robust but still super flexible website. And of course still compatible with the WordPress Core as it is created by the giant WordPress Community.

Outstanding Visual Builder

The DraadCore features a Visual Builder: a super user friendly tool that enables you to drag-and-drop over 80 elements (sections, titles, images, sliders, text blocks) in a page. The unique part is that we build the websites ourselves with this Visual Builder as well. That means that every layout of the website is constructed with these elements, making it super easy to make changes.  What sets our Visual Builder apart from others, is that it generates clean HTML, making it fast and Google-friendly!

Visual Builder

Gravity Forms

Acrobatic Forms

Gravity Forms is one of the most powerful plugins for WordPress, and of course available in the DraadCore. Create a form in just three clicks to have submissions automatically saved and emailed to who ever you want or whatever CRM you use. Let the leads come through! 

Super SEO

Google loves Wordpress. Indexation of WordPress websites is excellent, especially when the famous Yoast Plugin is configured. Based on the content on the page Yoast will visualize the SEO score. Title, Meta Description and Google Snippet can be easily changed with Yoast.  Ready for the traffic?

SEO Friendly


Great on every screen size

It goes without saying that every website is fully responsive. Whether you look on your smartphone, tablet or desktop and in portrait or in landscape mode, every view must do justice to the design of the website.

Dynamic Content

We hate doing things twice. So if there’s content that should be visible on different locations in the website, we can fix that. By using Custom Post Types, Custom Fields and Relation Fields we can save you hours in editing the website. You have to see it to believe it. 

Dynamische content

Made for collaboration

Originally, WordPress was created as a blogging tool. It has grown massively since then, but the multi-user part of WordPress is still pretty awesome. Managing roles was never easier. 

Samen werken aan de website

Revisions and Backups

Every now and then you make an edit that doesn’t work too well. With the revision functionality you can easily get back to an earlier version of the page. If things really run out of control, there’s always the daily backup we make. 

Revisies & Back-ups

Media Library

Order in the Media Library

Don’t ask us why, but normally WordPress doesn’t have a folder structure in the Media Library. We added that in DraadCore to keep things manageable.

Super Social

Publish content directly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. And of course visitors can share your articles anytime. 


Faster than light

A slow loading website is in the first place a disaster for your visitors. But Google doesn’t like it either. So we cache and minify as long as needed untill we reach optimal page speed!

Snelle websites
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